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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  February 27, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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alleged shooter that is in custody at the county sheriff department. i happened at 7:30 this morning. there were a lot of students that were garthed for breakfast and it was clear after they heard popping noises that a student had a gun. five of them were shot and three of them were air lifted, two others were brought by ambulance to a nearby hospital just a few miles away. one of them, the mother told the local newspaper that she was running away, from the scene, she was shot in the buttocks and she is in stable condition. we do not have a lot of details about the shooter but he fled on foot from the scene and the description that we were given is that he was sort of forced out of the high school. how we don't know. but i've been talking to folks
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back in chardon, ohio, i'm from that area and my brother lives there, i've spent a lot of time there, and i'm told it was one of the assistant football coaches who got the student out of the school. he is described as being large, a big guy, he is a intim dateding guy, one of the football coaches and the suspect was later apprehended. thanks. >> let's go live to the press conference. >> e-mail address and a telephone number and as the those calls are answered there, we will take and create a list, any updates via e-mail, we will send out the press releases that way. at this time, i'm going to introduce chief tim, the chardon police department, chief? >> good afternoon, folks. my name is tim, i'm a police chief here in chardon. just to give you an overall view of what happened.
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7:38 this morning we got reports of multiple gun shots fired at the high school. our units respondsed. state patrol a lot of other agencies -- i'll mention them at a later time. tremendous arrival time. we got there, we were given notification by the dispatcher that one of the teachers happened to chase the shooting suspect out of the building. immediately, at that point, our officers entered the building went to the five injured students that were injured, and got ems in there right behind the door behind them. we had to make sure the building was safe for the responders to go in the door. we started to search the areas and shortly thereafter we came up with the suspect. is he in custody. no name will be released because
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he has not been charged yet. he is a juvenile. the sad news is that i know from my people being downtown, we have 1 deceased student right now. five injured, recently got called that the one student has passed away. that is the sad news for all of us here today. i want to assure all the students are safe and all the campuses have been reunited with their parents and that is all i have to say at this time. >> four injured and one deceased? >> we will introduce the superintendent for the chardon city schools. >> hello, at this time, i would like to thank our law enforcements, first and foremost for their quick response. as you may have been aware from a conversation that morning, we have had a number of disaster drills in the past, thank god we put them in place because our teaching staff did an excellent job in a very horrible traumatic
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experience this morning. our prayers go out to the five victims, and their families, first and foremost. again, we shift our mode into looking at them, we feel so disheart disheartened, it will take me a moment to get back together here in a minute. certainly hope those families know that they are in our thoughts and prayers, we will be having a candle light vigil service at 7:00 tomorrow night. we have aggressive counselors here at the middle school until 7:00 tonight, for anybody, teachers, students or community members who have been impacted by the tragedy. our students are safe, the remainder of the students are safe and home with their parents 100% across the board.
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once again, it's a horrible tragedy. i just want to thank, again, our law enforcement and i want to thank our teaching staff who were well prepared to respond to a tragedy of this nature. thank you. >> superintendent will school remain closed tomorrow? >> i'll give out the phone number again. 440-279-2009. that is the number where you leave a name, phone number and an e-mail address, as our press releases are brought up, we will disseminate them from the sheriff'ses of. our next get together for an update will be at 4:00. same place. thank you. >> one gun man? >> one. >> what is the motive here, sir? >> that was the police chief in chardon ohio, confirming one fa tality from the school shooting this morning. chris, it goes without saying it's an emotional saying, we have one death and there will be
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a candle light vigil. you are from the area, a small town, 5100 people, it's stunned the neighborhood and community. your perspective? >> it's small town ohio, i remember setting up my folding chair and watching the 4th of july fireworks. everyone knows everyone. i've been on the phone talking to people from chardon, there are students that have identified the shooter. the name is on twitter, we are not obviously, identifying him, when everything comes out you'll find and i've gotten it from people in the community, that you will find it's not anything difference than what we have seen in the past when we have seen school shootings. that there's a troubled background in school and in his family. again, alex, you know, the idea
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that you could go to school on a morning like any other morning and you will hear again and again and again from people, i did not think it could happen here. and who would think that such a thing could happen? we are led to believe that this student is still in the custody of the fbi and local police at the county sheriff'se s oes o - sheriff's office and we will have to hear more about what the motive is here. there may ab be a hero here as well. and that is the student football coach that got him out of the school and limited the tragedy to five people, obviously, one of them fatally shot. alex? >> thanks, chris, i want to open it up to the panel here. as we talk about violence targeting students and there was columbine, the virginia tech students in 2007, and the
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shooting in norway, where students were gather d on an island, we look at those things and it's obviously an incredibly traumatic thing we are watching. but the american attitude toward gun and gun violence is as changeable as we have been in the past as ever. i wonder what you make of it? >> i think we are all stunned, sorry. i think this is why if president messages well on this, when he is able to talk about the fact that gun owners should be able to have guns and have access to them, but we have to have honest that there are consequences to that, and there are real life consequences to that and we have to balance those interests. these moments remind us at a national level of that. >> i go a step further. nowhere is the cowardice of our
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politicians more evident than in the position. 70% of people are for reasonable gun control. the assault weapons ban expired. had they not, the magazines with 30 bullets in a clip would have been illegal. what we saw with giffords may not have happened. the president does not escape. there were two bills that were not passed. he brought all the people to the state of the union address, they were all sitting in the balcony, the family of the little girl and the aide that saved gabby giffords life and he did not mention gun control. what are we afraid of? people want reasonable gun control? why are they so afraid? >> gun control laws have been
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loosened in ohio. people under 18 are not allowed to purchase firearms but no license needed to possess a shot gun or rifle in ohio. in june there was a bill signed into law that allows concealed carried weapons into bars or where alcohol is served. >> we tried to get a bill passed that made it mandatory to report a lost or stolen firearm. you have to report a loft and stolen car. but we could not get it through because our legislature is tear rised by the nra. >> ohio is now considering a bill that would allow concealed weapons in universities and daycare centers and in places of worship. we will bring you any details as we get them. coming up, rick santorum, press
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defended his education policies this morning after rick santorum launched sharp criticism at him and at higher education in general. >> president obama once said he wants everyone in america to go to college. what a snob. you there are -- there are good men and women who go out and use their skills to task that are not taught about a liberal college professor. >> the jobs in america are going to those with more than a high school degree. i have to make a point here, when i speak of higher education, we are not just talking a four-year degree, we are talking about someone
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getting trained for that manufacturing job that -- >> alice stewart, santorum's campaign press secretary is joining us, it has been a while, how are you? >> good, how are you? >> good. let's talk about snobbery. i know you are probably talking about it a lot. but the president issues a comment about education, he has spent a lot of capitol making a case for trade and manufacturing jobs, and just getting workers the skills they need to get them. and putting a great amount of emphasis on community colleges, how is what rick santorum said not a complete mischaracterization of what this president has done? >> it's not a mischaracterization as evidenced by the change in tone by the president within the past hour. before we get to that, i would like to quickly say that rick extends his thoughts and prayers
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of those that are suffering from the tragedy, it's a time to hug our children. in terms of the comment that rick said, the president sewed last week, that everyone should go to college. but rick is saying what is wrong with trade schools? >> that is what the president said. what about trade schools, and areas where you know, high school graduates can get skills to work in manufacturing. not four-year colleges but two-year colleges. he has not proposed that someone should go to a four-year liberal arts college nor has he ever done that. >> we are glad that the president clarified it after rick pointed it on it. college is great and it's a great way of going about to set up for a great future, but what rick was saying was that trade schools and community colleges, other ways of training yourself for most importantly manufacturing jobs in the day and age, those are great
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alternatives and it's not the government's responsibility or role to force college education on everyone. >> but, i guess, alice -- for rick santorum to allege that having a higher education is a form of snobbery. >> he is proud of his higher education, but he wants the president to show that what is right for him is not right for everyone. this is an example of the president feeling he needs to step in and show what is good for everyone. he tries to infringe his beliefs over regulation by the american people. >> i dare say what you are characterizations as president obama telling people what to do is also known as the american dream, which is to say, that many people think that sendsing their children to college is the
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achievement of something. i want to open it up to the panel a bit and discuss what kathleen parker alleges. let me be blunt, if republicans nominate rick santorum to run for president, they will lose, bottom line he is a good man, he is just a good man in the wrong century. >> yes, this reminds mow of 1963. it was a look back at the history of taking intellectuals and ideas, sort of the elites in the country and making them villains. it was egg heads back in the '52 and we are seeing it now with snobbery. it's the same theme, it's the idea that having too much brains or smarts will separate you from the core values which traditionally are religion and commerce. so it's an old idea. in that respect, i would say that santorum is hitting on something that is there and maybe politically appealing. it's significance that we got a response from the president. >> why is the president engaging
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on this? let santorum run his mouth. he sounds silly. come on, he does not mean people should be forced to go the yale. >> i understand the notion of punching down, but because the president spent so much time talking about the programs, it is difficult for him to swallow the notion that -- >> i think i would swallow it. >> well. >> santorum talking about being a snob. i think i would let rick have a conversation with mitt romney and the other people running for the republican field and try to stay away from him. >> alice, what do you bhak of chris christie's comments on "face the nation," let's play those. >> every kid doesn't want to go to college, but we need to aspire to have everyone reach their maximum potential. and if senator santorum is against that, that makes no sense. i certainly do not think the president is a snob for saying that. that is probably over the line. >> with the kathleen parkers and
12:20 pm
chris christies coming out and criticizing your candidate, are you worried that the republican establishment and or strong voices in the republican party may be turning against him at a critical time? >> well, governor kristi is a par partner with romney. so of course he will say that. mitt romney's unfavorables are going through the roof because he is out of touch with the average american. does he not understand what it's like to struggle to put food on the table. he is making comments about driving a couple of cadillacs and they are not in touch with the american people, rick santorum understands what it's like. having seven children, he works hard and his wife works hard and they understand what average americans are going through. when he goes town to town, and explains his story of what he
12:21 pm
can do to help them lift themselves up and help business business businesses create jobs, that is why he is doing well in the states. all the money in the world is not going to change romney's out of touch statements. >> this idea of elitism, in reality, this serves to show the contrast of mitt romney, who was talking about nascar team owners and santorum who is positioning himself as a blue collar. >> there's something behind santorum's statement. he is saying what troubles him is when kids attend a four-year college, they are less likely to believe in religion. he said there's a fall off when they come to college and they leave college, that is ridiculous but goes to the heart of what motivates santorum. it's not just about jobs or
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snobbery. it's about religion. it's crazy stuff. >> you know, we will continue this conversation, it is interesting that rick santorum, managed to get a ba from penn state and an mba from pittsburgh and still manage to be religious. alice stewart, thank you for joining us as always. we look forward to convincing you to come back on the show in future. >> thank you. >> we will take a look at why the republican party may be out of dated, maybe and we will -- in america, we believe in a future that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise. the strength of america's largest financial planning company.
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one of the things that came out of is this weekend, is to say that people of faith have no role in the public square. you bet that makes me want to throw up. the notion that he wants to see a greater role of the church in a public forum, which may or may not the state. are these comments going to be the end of his campaign, or can he win michigan and go to a general? >> i do not think it will end his campaign. he is tapping into a weird part of the culture. thank you. but no, i think there's that idea there, that christmas is a national holiday and we have all these things of christianity as an important and huge part of american history, there's the idea that there's a war on christmas and all the other examples, when he talks about this, he is mischaracterizations
12:27 pm
what president kennedy said at the time then senator kennedy in that famous speech. but beyond that, he is tapping the idea that if you are christian, you cannot be in political positions in the country. >> it's undignified that he will say he has to throw up. he is able to -- just talk thanksgiviing that way. >> expressing his passion about the separation of church and state. the idea of church and state is, forgive the term, the holy grail of national society and everyone a sgr-- everyone agrees there should be one. >> this is not nearly as surprising as calling the president a snob. if you come from a wealthy
12:28 pm
family, you are 80% likely to gain a college gee de -- degree, so what he is saying is so out of whack with middle class voters and working class voters, to me it's a bigger problem. we have known for a long time about his stand on religion. >> us he has been say -- he has been saying the whole time, i would never try to impose my ideas on the government. coming up, f , there are new questions about super pacs in the presidential race. we will take a closer look at the campaigns, bill burton will join us live next on "now." [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ]
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new york city for three days. no one could find her, my business partner set forward to take charge, he closed the company and brought everyone to new york. no one could find her. my business partner, set forward to take charge, he close today company and brought almost all the employees to new york. >> those ads may look the same, but one was released by mitt romney's 2008 presidential campaign and the other by the super pac that supports the former massachusetts governor's 2012 campaign. they are not allowed to coordinator but is all the overlap possible? we have bill burton who is now running the obama super pac, priorities usa action, bill, thank you for coming on. a pleasure to have you. >> thanks for having me. >> we have dualing articles this weekend. the new york times on sunday has
12:33 pm
a headline, fine line between super pacs and campaigns. and three cheers for super pacs. comments about the editorial boards of the two organizations notwithstanding, let's talk about what the "new york times" asserts, we know there's supposed to be a great separation in terms of money and certainly advertising. but the times makes the point that the romney campaign, for example, and we have a flow chart that is not as lucid as i hoped it would be, that everyone is using same consultants and everyone's share, and as such, intel is shared in a way that would make, you know, no coordination impossible. that is is a double negative, i know. one would say on your side, you were the former white house deputy secretary and jim ma sina speaks at the super pacs. the notion that these things are separate seems to be an illusion
12:34 pm
and it's not cracked down on. >> for starters, there are rules that are set out that we follow. that we make sure there's no coordination of strategy or any of the efforts as we go. and you know, i think it's important to know that there are rules and those rules are being followed. i think you can look at the different pieces of this and see a system where it's confusing and doesn't make a lot of sense. i tell you what, it's not a perfect system and we don't like the rules and the difference is, that is what campaign finance should look like and we look at the system and think, we need to reform the system, because it does not make a whole lot of sense. we go in thinking we should change the rules and they are not perfect. >> bill, let me ask you, jim messina goes to speak at the obama super pac event and no way is he sharing or coordinating or giving out information that made lead the super pac to
12:35 pm
coordinator itself identikwor coordinator itself with the campaign? >> we are not sharing any information of a strategic nature that would do what you are suggesting, which would be breaking the rules. we will not do that. we have our own polling and strategists and we feel confident about the strategy that we are employing out here. we think that we can run an effective effort without breaking the rules and is that what we are doing. >> well, bill, i think you are technically correct. you don't violate the rules. of course, having the f oemec ae enforcer is -- having said that, the system is inherit antly flawed t -- the idea that we can have super pacs and there's no form of coordination is ridiculous. citizen's united is the worst
12:36 pm
supreme court decision. it has delta critical blow to the american democracy. >> i agree with you on that. it is one of the worst decisions, and it goes to show how much influence that corporate interests have in washington right now. >> it's worth discussing what the wall street journal conte s contends. which is gingrich and santorum have a shot at the race. if not for foster friess's it would have been romney running away with it. >> it helped the president in that regard that santorum and gingrich have mounted campaigns. >> and it ignores the fact that what the romney campaign has used most effectively is not its own campaign funds but the super pac. those are the ones that knocked
12:37 pm
gingrich out of the box in florida and santorum out of michigan. >> they are operating totally independent of the romney campaign. >> you know, alex, a point on this, it's easy to get caught up in the rules and how crazy it is. but what is worth noting is who is paying for the super pacs. if you look at the right, right now, gas prices is one of the post important issues that americans are facing but if you look at the people making money off of high gas prices, the folks are giving money to mitt romney's super pac and karl rove's super pac, it's a cycle of people who are profiting from americans paying high gas prices, they are trying hard to make shura republican is ins of. where the money is critically important here. >> that is amazing that you bring it up because campaign chair jim messina brought that up.
12:38 pm
saying that koch brothers, there goal is to destroy president obama br election day. a representative fired back in a letter calling the attacks misleading and the implication is obvious. dare to criticize the president's policies you'll be singled out by the president's campaign in an efforts to chill free speech, did i read that? >> chill it. >> i guess i'm not a great defender of the koch brothers but the idea is you have the campaign of attacking private citizens for doing something that is perfectly legal. >> seems like the koch brothers for having made billions and billions and billions of dollars in the energy industry, they are awfully thin skinned. when someone engages them in the political sphere, where they are spending hundreds of millions dollars of their own money to attack the president and the
12:39 pm
democrats they can not take a bit of criticism themselves for making money off of the fact that americans have paid more than ever. that is how the choice will go down in the election. it's between a president that wants to bring down the gas prices and the billionaires that are funding the republican campaigns that make bills of dollars from the fact that they are high. >> this is not the last we will hear from the koch brothers, thank you as always for joining us. violence following the burning of the koran. is the u.s./afghan relationship at risk and what does it mean for up coming plans to pull outs? we will ask p.j. crowley when he joins us live next. sorry. sore knee. blast of cold feels nice. why don't you use bengay zero degrees? it's the one you store in the freezer. same medicated pain reliever used by physical therapists.
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violence is erupted in afghanistan following the burning of the koran by u.s. troops, today nine people were killed when a nato air base was struck. it comes as republicans running for president are using unrest to criticize the president. joining us now is p.j. crowley. thank you for joining us. >> it's a pleasure. >> p.j., i want to puts this in the broader context of response. in addition to the koran burning there's the video of u.s. troops descrating a body. and the history of terry jones, the southern pastor burning the koran, which led to the killing of 12 folks in the u.s. compound in afghanistan. you made the point in your story today, that after ten years of being in the country, how did our personnel not understand the gravity of burning the holy
12:44 pm
book? >> that is the dynamic that we have here. we have a global news environment. the most powerful weapon in the world is a cell phone camera, everything that we see and go and say is potentially visible to vast numbers of people and the governor knows this, it can shift public opinion in one direction or another. it has inflamed violence in afghanistan. we have seen, you know, protests for them, protests where guns are now turned on american soldiers who had four soldiers killed, as you said, a number wounded. it's a very serious situation in afghanistan. if there's good news here, it's that the violence and unrest seems to be focused primarily, if not exclusively, on afghanistan. so, we have not -- created a potential opening for groups like al qaeda that might try to exploit it, that has not happened but it has put the u.s.
12:45 pm
afghanistan at risk. >> we are scheduled to have troop withdrawal complete by 2014. what does this do to that plan? >> as i said in my daily beast piece, we need to accelerate the clock here. what is interesting is that because the unrest is focused on afghanistan, it's partsly about the koran and partly about the fact that we have vast numbers of u.s. national forces in afghanistan for ten years and we are just wearing out our welcome. in a sense, it's remarkable that forces have been supported by the afghan people for this long. it's completely out of historical character for the afghans to welcome foreign forces. that said, we have to reduce the level of forces more rapidly than we envisioned and try to find ways to mitigate the friction that is existing
12:46 pm
between the military and population and see if we can put it back on sustainable long-term footing. >> the notion of wearing out our welcome, governor, you are a supporter of the get out now strategy. >> no one can convince me if we stay longer when be leave things will be better. there's going to be a vacuum when we leave, and it will happen no matter when we leave, let's get out now and save american lives. no one takes over afghanistan, they do it at their peril. it ignores history. if aliens would come to earth and try to take us over, we hope they go to afghanistan, they will get out. >> the interesting thing is how this has played out on how -- how this will play out on the u.s. political stage. as p.j. said, it has inflamed
12:47 pm
feelings there and beginning to do it here. u.s. personnel are being killed. the president has issued an apology for the burning of the -- of the koran and that is being criticized sharply by president al candidates. how does the president play this out if he has to accelerate the timetable? >> i think he has been acting very presidential. if anyone watched the sunday shows you saw that santorum was not coinherent that we did something wrong and are not supposed to apologize he should let them do their thing. he is did president and he is responsible for executing the policy. >> p.j., i am sure we will ask you to come back soon as the situation develops. >> thank you. >> coming up, new information on the deadly shooting at the ohio
12:48 pm
high school, we will have more to suspect in custody, that is next on "now." >> hi, coming up coming up next "andrea mitchell reports," we are following the breaking news of the high school shooting in chardon. one student has died and four others were injured. the shooter, a fellow student is in custody. we will talk to a students that was inside the school. and exclusively, ambassador susan rice is joining us and more on a plan by some democrats in michigan to create chaos in tomorrow's republican party and what could hurt romney's chances to win.
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the sad news is that i know from my people being downtown, we have one deceased student right now. five injured, recently got
12:52 pm
called that the one student has passed away. >> we are getting new details about the tragic school shooting at a high school in ohio. one student is confirmed dead and the suspect in custody. >> i've confirmed that the suspected shooter fits the classic profile of someone in this situation, that he was troubled and his fellow students and the community knew he was troubled. he had a difficult home life. he was living with his maternal grandparents and they are lovely people, but elderly. obviously they had problems along the way. we know there was a team -- teacher who was able to get the shooter out of the school. where he fled on foot, that was a coach at the high school. obviously people devastated, certainly, by the loss of one student, four others are
12:53 pm
hospitalized and there will be a memorial service tomorrow across from the school at the local church. >> we talk about gun violence and school and the recent actions has a completely different flavor than when i was in high school. which was more tied to let's say drugs, more of a culture of violence, these team to be one off shooters that are psychological concerns or issues. it's a difference, out of the blue kind of violence than what we have seen in previous decades. >> chris was saying that people were saying i cannot believe this happened here. i went to a school where there was a shooting during my freshman year, no one was killed but two students were injured by shots from another student and it's traumatic, there's a spate
12:54 pm
of strong reaction in the community and a discussion about policy, whether it's gun control ultimately it's a more traumatic event than an event that shapes long-term policy. because people feel it at a personal level. >> we were talking during the news cast, where did the gun come from will be a huge part of the discussion as ohio is relaxing their law on concealed weapons, whether that amounts to change in national or ohio gun policy remains tbd, if previous examples are guides, nothing will happen. >> if gabby giffords did not do it, where it was clear that this man had a magazine with multiple bullets with it, and a clip with multiple bullets wit. -- bullet wit -- the bright spot is the act of heroism of driving
12:55 pm
the shooter out of the school. we will have full coverage of the press conference at 4:00. thanks again to my panel, that is all for "now." i'll see you back here tomorrow at noon eastern, i'll be joined by chuck todd and planned parenthood's president, and until then, follow us on twitter. "andrea mitchell reports" is next. greetings andrea? >> greetings, a difficult day. thanks alex. we will begin with the breaking news. the deadly school shooting today? chardon, ohio, i'll be talking to a students who was inside the school during the shooting. also, i'll have an interview with ambassador susan rice on the escalating attacks on americans in afghanistan, all that next and more on "andrea mitchell reports."
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
and a lot of screaming. i heard a bunch of shots fired. >> breaking right now on "andrea mitchell reports," shots fired inside a suburban ohio high school, killing one student and wounding at least four others. the suspect is in police custody. >> sad news is that i know from my people being downtown, we have one deceased student right now. >> uprising in afghanistan, revenge killings there a seventh straight day of violence after the burning of korans on a nato base. what does it mean for the president's withdrawal schedule? with us live from the united nations, an exclusive interview, u.s. ambassador, susan rice. santorum is attacking jfk on religion and the president's commitment to making college affordable for all. >> the psident said he wants everyone to go to college.


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